Let Me Personally Teach You…


I want to personally help you market and grow your business, and one of the best ways for me to do that is to completely reveal exactly how I’ve grown my business so much!

At the risk of sounding pompous, can I be candid with you?

I’m known as a content machine – someone that creates a mountain of content every week, week in and week out, all in a non-stop effort to build my brand, platform and market my various programs and business building services to customers, clients, and prospects.

To be candid again, I’m very good at it and I’ve built a very successful business with multiple streams of revenue.

When you consider my weekly newsletters, videos, podcasts, social media activities, articles, blog posts and even my Pinterest marketing, all of this activity generates a lot of questions from friends, clients, and subscribers alike.

Some of the most common questions I get are:

  • How do you really get so much done every week?
  • How much do you personally do and how much do others do for you?
  • Why do you do so much ‘non-stop’ marketing?
  • How have you built such a large email list and following on social media?
  • Which marketing platforms produce your greatest ROI?

Anyway, recently I was sharing this with a great friend of mine, and a very savvy entrepreneur himself, and he suggested that the time was right from ‘someone like me’ to teach this stuff – to put on a unique type of event that can help many of the entrepreneurs that struggle with their marketing – and getting stuff done.

He then said, “Jim, you have your marketing and systems so dialed in it would be a shame not to share this information.”

Now, I totally respect this guy so I asked him

“What Do You Mean By
‘Someone Like Me’?”

Here’s what he said.

“Jim, you have a reputation for not only being a content machine, you are also known as a man of integrity, someone that is a total ‘giver’ of information and value. And, there are a lot of folks that struggle building their brands and platforms and they would love to know not only what you know, but how you do it.”

My friend continued, “You’ve also not only mastered the ‘client attraction’ strategy as well as customer retention, but you’ve also grown your business dramatically these last few years when many other entrepreneurs are simply struggling.”

Needless to say, I was very flattered hearing these words and truthfully, I didn’t know what to do with this information!

So I did what any smart entrepreneur does when he needs an answer, I asked my friend, “So what should I do?”

He told me to put on a ‘boutique style’ live event and teach this stuff to other entrepreneurs.

My immediate reaction was that I think many entrepreneurs are getting burned out on live events.

As a good friend, he then looked at me in that ‘fatherly way’ and corrected me. 🙂

“Jim, people are burned out on multiple speaker pitch fests that are held at expensive locations for 3, 4 and 5 days!”

He then continued…

“What many entrepreneurs hunger for, I believe, are smaller, ‘boutique style’ events where one successful entrepreneur literally teaches, not sells – teaches!

They pull back the curtain on their business and share not only what works and doesn’t work, but they teach what they know and what they do to grow their business. And they should also share how they do it.

And Jim, I believe you are that person!”


To be sure, I was extremely flattered. You see, no matter what success you achieve, it is always nice to hear words like that from someone you highly respect.

You might be wondering why I’m sharing this with you!

Well, within the answer to that question is an important business lesson!

The Important Business Lesson is This!

While I tend to agree with my friend, I am a big proponent of not putting a lot of time, energy, and resources into a new venture unless you know there is a need for it.  So, as someone that is a friend, client, or subscriber of mine, I’d like to ask you a favor.

If you appreciate, as my friend put it, “The generous and authentic way I share a ton of content and marketing information” with you every week, would you please take just a few minutes and answer a very short questionnaire and help me determine if my friend is right!

The feedback I get will help determine whether or not I move forward, and put on such an event and what to teach, or if I simply appreciate and file away his nice feedback!

If you’d be so kind as to help me, I will reward you for your time by giving you the first two chapters to my new hit book, Stop Waiting For it to Get Easier – Create Your Dream Business Now.

Please click here to take the survey.

To Your Success,


P.S. Your answers will help me decide whether to do such an event, and what to teach. This will only take you a few minutes and I’ll reward you with the first two chapters to my new book, Stop Waiting For it to Get Easier – Create Your Dream Business Now.

Again, just click here to take the survey!